FallWindClan Camp

How FallwindClan was startedEdit

This is the shortened story of how FallWindClan was started. Ivyair is the best hunter and fighter in Shadowclan! She has a great life talented kts Wolfblaze, Sanddust, Spottedivy, and Cinderflame. she also has a great mate Thornblaze! Her life in Shadowclan haas been dull and she has been haunted by old memories and sighs of her older sister Fearheart that was exiled from Shadowclan because she tried to kill kits. Fearheart swore that she would kill every family memeber of Ivyair's family one by one and she almost did but Ivyair used her power of the stars which she held secrectly in her paws for a long time and Fearheart fled into the shadows following their fathers Scourges paw steps. But one day Ivyair got a dream from Bluestar and Spottedleaf and they said, "The Fall will sing once again before the cold wind rips across the land once again." and they were gone. Ivyair having no idea what this ment let moons go by trying to understar what they said. Then the coldest most unbarable fight between her and Fearheart led her to understand the meaning. She had to move all the cats dearest to her away from Shadowclan to make Fearheart leave her family alone. So at night she gathered her family and fled but not all of her family wanted to leave the safty of the clans and into the wild forest so she left them wishing them well. They traveled days throught the forest and finally couldn't travel anymore and dropped in a fern covered den in the ground made from a Badger that used to live there. In the morning Ivyair awoke with a start and bolt out scanning the area but all she saw was a clear river perfect for fishing and a wide open place slightly filled with trees and bushes. It was leaf-bare but the air didn't seem to be cold what so ever and the leaves were a brilliant shade of blood red yellows and oranges. Amazed Ivyair awoke here family and they gazed around with wide eyes. Ivyair decided that this was a great place to live so she and her little family started building a home there. After two moons of building the clan dens and making a ood stock of herbs that she learned from Spottedleaf that told her what to look for in the forest she and her family survived tough times. One night when asleep Ivyair was visited by a different cat named Fallstar he told her that she had to make her clan stronger in order to survive even tougher times. She complied and found a few loners that joined without hesitation. When she had enough cats to defend the clan she was visited yet again by Fallstar, Bluestar, and Spottedleaf and they told her that she would name the clan Fallwindclan. Ivyair announced this the next day and was named Ivystar the leader of Fallwindclan.

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